At full enrollment, expected in Year 7, LTA will have approximately 700 students in 27 classes in a K-12 school. In the first year, in large part due to our temporary facility, LTA opened with 320 students in grades K-8. The projected average class size in the lower grades is 27 students, with a maximum of 18 students in each kindergarten class.

In the lower grades, teacher assistants provide support to our teachers. This helps ensure our students receive the attention necessary to meet or exceed expectations for their grade level.

Enrollment Process

  • LTA opened enrollment for the fall of 2019 in December of 2018.
  • The LTA lottery will be held on the third Tuesday of February for classes that have more applicants than spaces. In 2019, the lottery occurred on February 19th.
  • Students who submitted their enrollment applications on time (prior to February 12th, 11:00 p.m., in 2019), but who were not selected in the lottery, were placed at the beginning of the waitlist in the order in which their applications were submitted.
  • Students applying for enrollment after the end of the pre-lottery enrollment period (February 12th in 2019) will be added to a waitlist behind the students who submitted their applications before the deadline, in the order in which their applications were submitted.
  • If spaces remain in any of the classes after the application deadline, students applying for admission will be granted a seat in the order they have applied, until said classes are full. Then, any further applicants will be added to a waitlist in the order in which their enrollment applications were submitted.
  • Students accepted for enrollment in LTA will keep that place, providing they follow the steps to re-enroll each year, until they decide to withdraw.
  • The enrollment process will start over each school year. Waitlists will not be carried over year to year.


Please direct questions regarding enrollment and/or the admissions process to our LTA Registrar at

Please check back for information on enrollment for the
2020-21 school year.

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